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From the beginning, we have had a vision to reach out to the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt. 24:14).  You are probably one of thousands of students enrolled in all 50 states, all provinces of Canada and 108 nations  around the world who received a generous scholarship from TSF.  In some cases we lost income with our generous Scholarship program.  We started before any other college, including secular ones, with streaming video and e-books, commencing April 27th, 1997 with Virtual Bible School.

As a result, we officially penetrated 108 nations with official enrollments. This is our calling.  We ask you for your cooperation and reasonable understanding that we need to have your response to online support. It is required to gain  access to your student account. It is necessary in order to pay our providers that have monthly charges in the thousands of dollars to keep our sites up online.

Please do your best and harken to the Holy Spirit concerning your offering of support to help us proceed with the ultimate vision of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom with proper training.  It is designed to produce missionary teachers native to their own country and speak their country's language.  Thank you for your contribution for the support we provide and the outstanding account review you have access to.  We know of no other school that provides such a robust, clear accounting that you can view 24/7.

NOTICE:  We now require a yearly fiscal service offering for Student Account Support and Access.

You are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
!  With your debit or credit card and ten minutes of your time, you can lay up treasures in Heaven. Bring your tithes and/or offerings to the TSF storehouse.
Follow the link below to give your gift unto the Lord for the Father's business. Our mission is and has been to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world.  We have a call to continue to proceed to more nations. Matt. 24:14

We are in agreement, in Christ, for the answer to your need. 

In His Service,
TSF Presbytery and Staff
The Sure Foundation